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My Wedding Countdown

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 months to go...

Hello there dear blogger friend...

I' m still at Ranau enjoying my holiday... I know some of you are working today so...Happy Working again!

Hmm... Just now, when I turned on my laptop, my wedding reminder showed to me that i'm getting married in 2 months +++ and I am a bit nervous + excited waiting for that big big day of mine.

So far, I already print my wedding invitation but haven't do the final touch which is to decorate it with ribbon...:) Actually it's a simple DIY wedding invitation but I like it. My mom asked me why I didn't asked for printing shop to do our wedding invitation?We can help you to pay if you can't afford it...but I don't want it and my answer is simple...I WANT TO SATISFY MYSELF...ehehhe, besides...why wasted money if you can do it yourself? I know it's not beautiful as the printing shop did but who cares...

Yesterday, my mom looked at my wedding invitation and made her comment: Nah, cantik juga ni...oklah ni, ngam sdh tu...tinggal mo taruk riben lagi... Hahaha, see...it's not that bad anyway...
So maybe today, I will continue with the ribbon...:)

O ya, yesterday my beloved Jipli (my fiance) called me and told me that there was this woman called him to make friend with him..Aik, who's this girl trying to steal my fiance huh?! But then, I knew that my fiance just making a joke...actually there was a woman calling him but it regarding our wedding at the church. She told him that they also gonna have their wedding ceremony the same day with us so she asked him if we can share the decoration fee...well of course since she also planning to decorate the church with purple white theme. Ok, so thats good coz we can cut cost for that part...there are 4 couples (including us) on that day but our ceremony will be on 9.00 am and the other 3 couples will be on 10.00 am...why? ooo because Jipli and I will have a blessing ceremony only since he's not baptized yet.

Hmm...oklah, that's my update for now...till then, bye!


Mama Mia said...

hmm..i am one of those who are working now..teda mood ni, malas mo karaja..hihi..

how nice of the other couple to ask about sharing the deco cost. During my wdg last time, kami bah saja yg terpaksa urus choir,comentator di church..the 2 other couple tida memberi kerjasama langsung....

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

mama mia, yg wedding sa aritu pun bah.. kami ja berusaha cari comentator etc, sampai psalm pun adik sa yg sampaikan, tus persembahan pun dr kami punya fam jua.. but nevermind la, asalkan puas hati ;)

bestnya menunggu hari utk wedding.. rindu pula sa.. hehe.. banyak ble dibuat ni, don't waste your time mel.. takut kelam kabut kan hehe..

nc said...

hi memeljoan,,

:) why la only now i ter hop hop to ur blog a..after reading ur wedding entry posts..n looking at the ticker..we got so many things in common..hehe..let me list it down a..

- our wedding date is only 1 day apart.
- i think we're having the same theme kaler? purple? haha
- my fiance's initial is oso J.
- im doing all the invitation card on my own as well..bcos of the same reason as u: to satisfy myself..smpai fiance sndiri pla mengeluh sb tgk sa bnyk keja haha
- am thinking of having a photobook


gosh..im so glad to be here..blh la tgk2 experience n sharing2..if its ok with u :)

btw..great blog u have here