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Friday, April 17, 2009

Geni Family Tree

Haluu all...
Quite busy these few days...there's a Majlis anugerah Kecemerlangan at my school yesterday and I was so damn tired.Luckily, today we manage to gain back our energy as the Principal gave us a day break today.

So, now here I am, surfing the net...and amazingly today I found my long lost relatives and some of them are not familiar to me...No surprise because we never have this so called "Family Gathering" for quite a long time...

Well, thanks to The Geni Family Tree for making our 'gathering' happen. I can see my family tree and my other relatives...so I think maybe you can have a look at this website www.geni.com and start to build your family tree...

Now, I'm still uploading my family pictures to this family tree of mine so that my other relatives (especially my long lost relatives) can have a look at it and who knows, maybe by looking at the picture, they can recognise them if they see them....ehehhe, so GTG...bye2

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My little kitten

I have a new kitten.my student gave it to me.her name is laci since she was born in a laci..hehehe.cute kan?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The excitement continues...

Halluuu...Happy Easter...
As I promised you earlier, here I've uploaded some pictures of our pets and fish that we caught yesterday...Well, it was nice to see they (pets) palyed around and slept later after tired of playing. I love to play with them and of course very 'gerigitan' sama dorang.

My mum cought a big gift fish...
I caught this one...ehehhe
Introducing...puppy Korea...
Introducing...puppy Jepun...
Still remember him???Now, he's a grown up...Rocky
Our pregnant cat is sleeping peacefully on top of mum's washing machine...
Here they are again...Jepun and Korea sleeping...
Wah!Best kan di kampung...ehehhe, wish I can here always...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Back to Ranau...

Hellooo...happy Good Friday to all my christian friends out there!
I'm at Ranau now...just came here around 10.00am this morning. I took 2 hours to drive from KK. Yesterday, I slept at my cousin's house at Kepayan ridgeview. Hmmm...Sa kuar dari rmh cousin sa around 7.40am but had to patah balik because I forgot my spec and my bracelet...ehehhe, mo cepat sangat balik kan...so, around 7.53am sa mulakan perjalanan balik to my hometown...RANAU.

Sa kasi minimum cool sdh sa punya aircond kereta coz sa tau sa mesti kesejukan nnt...I thought x banyak kereta ooo pagi2 cuti ni, sekalinya banyak juga kereta especially di kawasan lintas menghala ke tuaran...(ehehe, macam pelapor traffic pula)...

Paling last sa di Ranau is on January, that is 3 months (plus2) ago. I'm not sure if ada perubahan kah tidak di Ranau tu tapi surely I miss the village atmosphere...the wind breeze, the sound of birds, the sound of cricket, the paddy fields...so many to mention...:P

Mesti kamu terbayang2 kan mcmn suasana kampung especially di Ranau kan? Hmmm, to those who haven't been to Ranau, maybe you can imagine the peaceful atmosphere by looking at these photos I managed to capture during my journey..
See...no traffic jam, cold, hills,green...and the cloud...so near...

Clear blue sky...ini limpas Kundasang sdh ni...

And finally after 2 hours long drive, I reached my kampung...and that picture above is the road to our house...ada tali air @ tarigison lagi tu...

At last, I can see our kolam ikan...wah, can't wait to go fishing this evening...ehehhe, syok tu!

Oklah all, sa stop sini dulu...nnt sa kasi update blog sa pasal aktiviti sa petang nnt kio...bubyee....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Help me find KadazanDusun Costume


Kepada semua pembaca blog sa ni, errr...adakah sesiapa di antara kamu yang tau di mana tempat sa boleh pinjam/sewa baju tradisional kadazandusun ni? Setakat ni, sa ada tau 1 tempat di Putatan yang kasi sewa baju ni dalam RM80 sehari...rasa-rasanya adakah yang lebih murah dari tu aaaa????Kalau ada, tolong2 la sa kio...Yaaaiii, pendek ja post sa ni...emergency case...Wah!Ok aaa, TQ...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Do You Like BAD BOYS???

As I came home from work today, I started to continue reading this book entitled 'The Manual'... This book is written by a guy, so what he said in this book is more to what men think... I like the way he write the book because he use simple and 'informal' words...you feel like you are reading a letter...

He asks us (women) if we like bad boys or nice boys...hmmm, what do you think?Do you like Bad boys or nice boy? Ya lah kan, sometimes when we are gossiping or chit-chatting with our friends, we always hear a complaint about how teruk is our BF, how geram us with our BF, how marah us because of our BF, how bad is our BF and etc. We said..."Ko rasa dia suka sa kah?", "Kenapa bah BF sa tidak pandai kol2 ni?", "Mcmn bah sa mo buat BF sa ni committed sama r/ship kami ni?", "Tiada lagi kah good guys di dunia ni?"...Nah, I bet you did say it once kan?...Hmmm....but do you ever think about How bad is bad and How nice is nice?"

Well, in this post, I copy this quiz from The Manual and you can try to answer it...maybe after this you will find out how much "bad" you're really looking for in a man.

1. Who do you find the sexiest?
a. Collin Farrell
b. Leonardo DiCaprio
c. Dave Matthews
d. Homer Simpson

2. Who's the most appealing?
a. A guy holding a guitar
b. A guy holding a baby
c. A guy walking a puppy

3. Who would you spend an entire day thinking about?
a. A guy who calls you consistently
b. A guy who's bought you flowers
c. A guy who hasn't called you back
d. A guy who was voted most likely to get arrested

4. What's the most important when it comes to a guy?
a. He's rich
b. He's sexy
c. He drives a hot car
d. He's supermotivated on the job

5. Do you like tattoos on guys?
a. Yes b. No c. Some

6. The men you like tend to have
a. A lot of male friends
b. Mostly female friends
c. An even mix
d. Loner tendencies

7. What do you think looks best?
a. An unshaven face
b. A clean-shaven face
c. A beard
d. A goatee or other facial art

8. What would be the most exciting to cruise around in?
a. A porsche along winding roads
b. An SUV in the woods
c. A motorcycle anywhere
d. A minivan doing the speed limit

9. Which is the most important male trait?
a. He's a great kisser
b. He's always on time
c. He puts the toilet seat down
d. He's got the great haircut

10. The guy you prefer to most likely to listen to
a. Classic rock
b. Rap and techno
c. Headbanger music
d. Female artists

11. What's the sexiest?
a. A guy who's good with a computer
b. A guy who's good with a wrench
c. A guy who's great in the kitchen
d. A guy who's great at sports

12. Who's the most exciting?
a. A musician b. A jock c. A suit d. A good friend

13. When it comes to how a guy dresses, what's hottest?
a. Jeans and a T-shirt
b. A shirt and tie
c. All black
d. Khakis and polo shirt

14. Which body type do you like best?
a. Ripped b. Athletic c. Huggable teddy bear d. Regular with a little fat

15. When it comes to animal attraction, what is a guy's most powerful weapon?
a. The way he smells
b. The way he smiles
c. His eyes
d. His shoulders

16. If you heard the guy you liked had kissed another girl, you would
a. Forget him
b. Want him even more
c. Be angry at the girl who kissed him
d. Try to steal him away from her

17. What's the longest you would go without hearing from a guy before you called him to find out what's up?
a. Two days
b. Five business days
c. A week
d. Two moon cycles

18. Which is the biggest turnoff?
a. He can't change a tire without calling for help
b. He asks what you would like to do on the date instead of having a plan of his own
c. He waits too long to try to kiss you
d. He looks at other girls when he's with you

19. Would you go out with a guy with a bad reputation?
a. Yes b. No c. Depends on how hot he is

20. Which type of dog best describes the kind of temperament you like in a guy?
a. Golden retriever b. Rottweiler c. Mutt d. Chihuahua

21. Bonus question: Do you like Bad Boys?
a. Yes b. No

If you want to know just how good bad is to you, here's how to figure it out:

Below are the answers that would make you the ultimate lover to Bad Boys:
1a, 2a, 3d, 4b, 5a, 6b, 7a, 8c, 9a, 10a, 11b, 12a, 13a, 14b, 15b, 16b, 17b, 18a, 19a, 20c and 21a.

Start off with a 100 points. For each "less than Bad" answer, deduct 5 points. For example: If you chose 5 "un-Bad Boy" answers, that would mean you lean 75% toward Bad Boys. If you chose 11-15 "un-Bad Boy" answers, then you lean more toward "nice guys". And if you chose zero Bad Boy answers, then you should check your pulse immediately...ehehehe. So girls...How much "bad" you're really looking for in a man?...


Wah...today I read Nadia's blog and found out that she gave me this award...thank you...thank you...thank you...well, honestly, I always follow your blog but sometimes I can't leave you a comment as I only have limited time to go online during that time...well blogger friend, it's nice to know you eventhough just 'virtually'...ehehhe, TQ again!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sempat lg bah...

Helo,lupa pula sa bt post psl kmrn. Ehehe,actually kmrn sa ada pigi turut sama memeriahkan smbtn kor kadet polis d pekan mbkt.hmm,siok bh tgk PDRM sm kadet polis gabung tenaga.at least,sa tau jg mcmn smbtn ni bjln.blhla story2 sm fiance sa yg jg anggota PDRM. Tgkla pskn k.polis skola sa.sempat lg posing dkt trak polis..ehehe,bila lg kan? Yaaii!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Uina,kusyuk gila

Ni buktinya sa relief kelas tau...tgk suma pelajar tgh kusyuk buat keja EW20 smpi x sedar sa amik gmbr..muahaha