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Sunday, August 2, 2009

School activity

Hello there,
It's Sunday and I am here at home, nothing much to do as I am all alone without anyone accompany me here. My housemate went to KK for some Girl's scout meeting. I supposed to go to KK to have my facial session but I canceled it since I am a bit worried to go to KK because of the H1N1 thing. So my day is not that excited as anybody else out there...*sigh*

But never mind, at least I can prevent my skin from getting dark because of the sun and can have enough rest before battle for work at school again next week...Hmmm, talking about school, I wanna share this story about cooking competition among teachers that was held on 29th July at the open hall of our school. It was quite hot but fun. That was the first time they did the competition (as long as I can remember) and yup, I am the unofficial photographer because I didn't join it because nobody wanted me in their team...ekekeke, just kidding! Actually, some wanted me to join them but I rather be the food tester because I know I'm not that good in cooking.

Well, there are 5 groups altogether and the theme is "Soup". Any kind of soup will do as long as it's cooked in halal method. So much manners to see and it was good to release the tense after work.

It's fun to see man doing the cooking because they have their own skill and style to make their soup delicious...nyum2
That woman with a yellow baju kurung is our Senior assistant and team up with our counsellor...hmm, don't be too serious guys...

By the end of the competition, everyone;s exhausted but still...they can give me pose when I wanted to take their picture..

Ok, this is the 1st group...all are practical teacher...Tom yam Soup

This is group 2 with their "sup ayam bermadu"

Group 3 presenting their 'Chicken corn soup'

Group no 4 with their "sup ayam selera kampung"
And the last group or last contestant (because he wanted to do it single)...who got a lots of fan that day presenting his "sup soto ayam"...

Anyway, the result is not out yet...meaning to say, we don't know who the winner is but as a food tester that day, I preferred the soup from group 3 to be the winner and group 2 as the 1st runner up...But, it's all depends on the juries...they will announce the winner tomorrow during school assembly...

Oklah, got to pen-off now...see you again soon...byeee