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Friday, April 17, 2009

Geni Family Tree

Haluu all...
Quite busy these few days...there's a Majlis anugerah Kecemerlangan at my school yesterday and I was so damn tired.Luckily, today we manage to gain back our energy as the Principal gave us a day break today.

So, now here I am, surfing the net...and amazingly today I found my long lost relatives and some of them are not familiar to me...No surprise because we never have this so called "Family Gathering" for quite a long time...

Well, thanks to The Geni Family Tree for making our 'gathering' happen. I can see my family tree and my other relatives...so I think maybe you can have a look at this website www.geni.com and start to build your family tree...

Now, I'm still uploading my family pictures to this family tree of mine so that my other relatives (especially my long lost relatives) can have a look at it and who knows, maybe by looking at the picture, they can recognise them if they see them....ehehhe, so GTG...bye2