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My Wedding Countdown

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hi there...
I'm quite busy these few days. So much things to think and do. I was so tired because I have to clean our old house and rearrange all the stuffs in that house. I have to pack all the things in our old kitchen and put it in our new kitchen...I haven't finish doing it and I have only 1 week to settle it all. Although I do feel tired but it kinda fun to do it because at least I don't feel bored at home.

Today, my mum and I went to kampung to visit my uncle. He had been discharged from QEH on Tuesday and he's in a good condition but he cannot move too much and he have to sit still all the time. Thanks to all of you who pray for him. Tomorrow we'll have a small thankgiving party for my uncle and I hope that this will cheer him up.

Ok guys, I have to pen off now. I'll write again soon...wait for me...:P