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My Wedding Countdown

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello there...

It's early in the morning....6.30am. I woke up early today because I'm so excited to meet my bebey today. But since it's too early to get ready so I've decided to write a post while enjoying the cold weather (its raining outside)...

Well, I wanna share with u about books. Do u like reading? Buy books? As I read kadusmama post about how she willing to spent much money to her fav book, I was thinking if I can do that too...yalah, I never bought any books cost RM100 and above. Anyway, I do have books and I have 6 books with me now...

1. Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul (inspirational stories about love and relatuonship)
*Some of the stories are so touching and it makes my tears drop...I share it with u next time

2. Checklist for Life for Teachers (timeless wisdom & foolproof strategies for making the most
of life's challenges & opportunities)
*It help me make the most of my students, my subject and class, and myself as a teacher

3. The Long Distance Relationship (an advice for the geographically challenged)
* Since I have long distance relationship, I read this book as a guide to make sure my
relationship can go the distance

4. The 7 Best Things Happy Couples do.
* I bought it in June but until now, I haven't finish reading it because the content is too heavy
for me to read...I need full concentration to read it

5. The Yoga Face (eliminates wrinkles with the ultimate natural facelift)
* I tried to follow the exercise (this book contains picture also) but not all of them because
some of them are not easy...duh!

6. The 100 Secret Senses
* Actually this book is a novel and its not mine. My xe-housemate left it here so I keep it
nicely in case she want it back.I haven't finish reading it yet.

Actually, I have quite a few numbers of books but I left it at Ranau... These 6 books are here because I just bought it this year. Last time, I bought novels but now I prefer to buy books about self-help, inspiration, relationship...(dan yg sewaktu dgnnya)

Other than that, I also bought magazines...

As u can see, I like magazines which can give me more info about fashion, beauty, gadgets, relationship, health etc. I always buy CLEO, Cosmopolitan, Intrend, Eh! but it depends also on the content of the mag for that month. Entertainment magazines?Yup, I also buy that but not always la because it's the same sotries...gossip, gossip and gossip....so, I bought it if I wanted to see pictures of artist wedding or hot hot gossip about Malaysian celebs..

So my followers...atie, kobie, kadusmama...maybe u wanna share something about your books and mags collection, so come on, share it...
That's all for now, I wanna have my breakfast dulu...bubyeeee...